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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phat Fiber

Well, this month I couldn't resist and I went ahead and bought a Phat Fiber Sample Box. I was up and sitting in front of the computer at 7:AM so I figured why not try it and see what happens. I gotta tell ya, trying to get one was half the fun. All the excitement and the heart pounding, followed by a crazy adrenaline rush. I even did the Phatty dance for a few hours after I bought it. Good Times.

Anyway, it's here and it's cool, I guess. It felt a little anticlimactic. The theme being "Oceanic", there were some awesome blues and purples color all over the box. Didn't get any stitch markers and only two patterns. A really nice card with a beautiful picture on it and this yarn.

I also got this super cute yarn sample without a card or tag. If anyone recognizes it please let me know who made it. It had a pretty fuchsia colored ribbon on it. It's so lovely I would love to look at other works from this artisan, whoever he/she is. Thanks.

My favorite yarn of the bunch was Flying Wright Farms Panda Sox in the Sea Glass colorway. If anyone has this and would like to trade, I am willing to trade any of the fiber in my box. Check it out.

We're talking:

Nikobee's "Whirling Tides"

Moonlight and Laughter "Stones At Shore"- GONE

Banana Migraine

eXtreme Spinning "Lobster For Dinner"

Natchwoolie "Blue Hawaii"

Desert Garden Farms

Goat Goat Sheep

That last one is actually a yarn sample from Corgi Hill Farm.

If you are interested in a trade let me know.

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  1. Oh yea the M&L is gone! I cant wait to use it :) And the Nikobees is amazing! I got some too!