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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Humboldt Green

Many wild and crazy things have happened since I last wrote, or blogged I should say. But that is the norm around my house. One minute you are making scrambled eggs for breakkie and the next minute you're packing for a trip to somewhere, you just don't know where yet.

Just after I blogged on Mother’s Day, I was hanging out by myself enjoying some “mommie time” while everyone was napping. I started reading people’s profiles on Ravelry. Hidden in someone’s profile I found an interesting group for a fellow crafter who had been recently diagnosed with liver cancer. (August 5, 2008) I wandered into her blog and found her to be funny, intelligent and with a ready and open heart. I encourage you to read her blog and the posts from the people who knew and love her in the Ravelry group created in her honor, Cyber Hugs. I am so grateful I read her blog on Mother’s day. It gave me perspective and made me appreciative of the very short time we have here on Earth and with our children when they need us most. Not a day, a hug, or a kiss from my babies has gone by without thoughts of her babies and her husband flashing before me. I hope they are well and I send them my love.

A few days later, DH decided we were going camping. Camping turned into a road trip to beautifully green and tasty HUMBOLDT COUNTY when Uncle R reminded us that DH’s cousin, C, was graduating from Humboldt U! So off we went to cheer her on in her wonderful and amazing achievement. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy at the age of 20! She started college when when she was only 16. Pretty bad ass, huh? I think so. Yeah~ That's my cousin! It was an awesome trip. We got to see a little bit of Norcal because we took the 36 and got into some pretty rural areas. At one point I looked over to say something to DH and I actually saw a deer eating on the side of the road covered by giant redwoods. I want to live there.

We drove down this winding road and suddenly, directly ahead of us stood the most enormous and pristine trees I have ever seen in my short, short, life. They seemed to part for the road as if to temporarily permit my curious intrusion into their mighty domain. Magestic seems too mundane a word for these forest lords. They were so giant that they blocked out the rays of the sun and it was difficult to tell whether it was day or night. A warm mist rose from a gentle brook that snaked just beside a camp I believe was called Grizzly Creek Campground. It is so remote and secluded that it is often possible to be the only camper in the area. Breathtaking. And to think some people actually live out there. Lucky bastards!!

C’s graduation was awesome. Humboldt County was beautiful. The people were like Berkeley 15 years ago, weird but super nice and homey. The mornings were cold but welcome after a night in a warm tent tent containing two babies. It was well beyond 9:30 by the time the sun came out and beamed on the relieved graduates on the awesome campus of Humboldt University. It was great to see my family that I love, even if it was only a part of the family. I have known C since she was two years old. She is a highly intelligent, dedicated, strong young woman. She gives the aura of knowing herself, and her place in the world. To see how she as developed gives me slight hope that we are not as bad off as it would seem. It was awesome to see her thriving in her life and I hope my daughter can in some way follow the road C has taken. She is a product of good parenting. As best as I have ever seen it. All three of R & R’s kids are exceptional and I love them all so much.

On the other hand, camping with two babies under 3. . . not so awesome. Our air mattress was damaged in transit due to a packing malfunction. Therefore, it was sleeping on the ground for 3 nights. DD and DS cried and fussed the first night in the tent. DH was ready to throw them both out of the tent but Mommie did her magic and I got them both to sleep with that mommie love and all was well with the world. That was the only not awesome part actually. I love camping. It’s just difficult with babies. They like structure and schedules. Otherwise they get cranky.

In other news, DD crawled for the first time on the same day as C’s graduation and I was able to catch it in photos. That was precious as she is my sweet baby angel. I am slightly concerned as DS was walking at this age, well, at 8 & 1/2 months. But she can already say Dah, Dah and Mah, Mah and does so at the appropriate times and DS didn't really talk until recently. All kids are different.

The best part for me was Saturday night. The babies were asleep in the tent and DH and I sat alone in silence eating smores and drinking beer in front of the fire listening to Coast To Coast. Even boring old Ian Punnett couldn’t ruin that night. That's when you know you've found somebody really special. When you can just shut the hell up for a minute and comfortably share a silence, despite Ian Punnett. Good times.

R’s sister, N, (who’s voice sounds just like R's) was crazy generous and gave us a bag full of ripe delicious strawberries. Since N and her husband M were just in Oxnard, I assume she gave me Oxnard Strawberries. Not any of that Watsonville trash! Camping being what it is, they got mashed and bruised by the time I got them home. So I decided to make jam and can what I could. DH and I made the 4 jars of best strawberry jam I have ever had in my life. Thanks N! I will think of you every morning during breakfast. Yummie. Hope you and M got home safely to Colorado.

All in all, I am happy to be home and eating my own homemade strawberry jam in my tiny little comfy home. So are my babies. We got home in the middle of a heatwave with the AC turned off, of course. Everyone immediately fell asleep except for me and DD. Later, the power went out so it was 9:00 before the upstairs was even tolerable. Two days later, everyone is back on schedule and as I write, DH is passed out on the couch, tired as all get out still from the trip. I think I’ll have one more beer and join him. It’s the best place in the world to be.

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